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Buying a flat or a house in Lyon ?

Nowadays, finding the right property is time consuming and one must react promptly  not to miss the good deal. Entrusting a real estate buyer’s agent to manage your property search will save you a great deal of time and energy.

Accessing the whole market

At LNA, we have an established local network enabling us to find that special and original property.

Our agents will investigate the entire real estate market of Lyon (private individuals,  real estate agencies, solicitors, speculators…).

Saving time

Our agents will conduct a rigorous pre-selection of property that matches your search criteria. They will post complete visiting reports on your customer area so that you just have to visit  the most suitable property.

Getting unbiased counseling

 Our real estate buyer’s agents are highly qualified freelance workers.

As opposed to real estate agents, they work exclusively for the client, providing an objective and impartial point of view of the property.

Buying at the right price

Our expertise is well-established on the market of Lyon and we can guarantee the best value for money.

Making your life easier

At LNA, we take care of all your real estate transactions. We carefully select properties, organise visits, negociate your home loan and prepare all the transaction documents needed till you sign the final deed of sale.

Using the latest technology

You can keep a track of  your property search in real-time thanks to our innovative and predictive customer area. This tool will enable you to access visiting reports fully supported by photos or videos.

Getting ready to move in

 If you need help organising your move, furnishing your property, finding the right craftman or electricity supplier, you can rely on us and our partners. Just ask for a quote and we will refer you to the best professionals.