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Les Nouveaux Agents® : Your experts in property search

« Anyone wishing to buy a new property in Paris or any other French city knows what to expect : long months of property search, pointless negociations over the selling price till you end up forgetting about your dream house ».


Quote from Le Figaro Magazine (2011)

A whole team dedicated to your projects

Les Nouveaux Agents : A whole team dedicated to your projects

"Finding the right property to rent or to buy ? That’s our job ! At LNA, we dedicate ourselves to our client’s needs and expectations to find the best properties available on the market.


Les Nouveaux Agents (The New Real Estate Agents) are french property hunters, relocation agents, mortgage brokers... Each project is unique and requires specific skills that we provide."  


Nicolas PRIEUR and Anne-Sophie GRAND-CLEMENT, Associates

Agents that only work for buyers and tenants

We are real estate specialists exclusively working for the buyer’s or tenant’s interests.


There are 4 prerequisites to a successful property search :

  • Good knowledge of the local real estate market
  • Full time availability
  • Great reactivity
  • An established network


Do you fit the profile ? If not, contact one of our LNA’s agents. We will prospect the whole real estate market of Lyon and find the best deal for you !

A new approach

In France, the profession of real estate buyer’s agent has been booming over the past 10 years. ’Recherche appartement ou maison’ French TV show, by Stephane Plazza, greatly influenced French people into relying on a real estate buyer’s agent for their property search.


Contrary to real estate agents, our buyer’s agents don’t own or sell any properties. We work independently and dedicate ourselves to serve our clients’ best interests.


If sellers have their own agents why not having yours !

Professional license holders

Pursuant to law n° 70-9 of January 2nd 1970, known as the Hoguet law, real estate professionals must hold a professional license called ‘carte T’ and be fully bonded and insured.

The license  has to be renewed every 10 years at the local Prefecture and is only granted to highly qualified and experimented agents.


In compliance with the law, we will only collect our fees after the completion of our mission and the closing of the deal.

Members of the National Federation of Real Estate Buyer’s Agents (FNCI)

As members of the FNCI, we are committed to respecting its Code of Ethics (see ‘Code of Ethics’). The ideology of the Federation is based on transparency, confidentiality, availability and professionalism.

Ambassadors of ONLY LYON : Lyon City Branding Agency

ONLY LYON Ambassadors are entrepreneurs, business executives, company managers, academics, researchers and key figures from the cultural life of Lyon. They are all from Lyon but don’t necessarily live in Lyon. ONLY LYON Ambassadors are involved in the international promotion of the city.

We speak your language

Our agents all speak French, English and Spanish and will be delighted to communicate with you in your native language.