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What is a property hunter?

He is a professional from the real estate industry, working exclusively for the buyer.


His primary duty  is to handle all the necessary steps towards finding a property to buy or to rent in compliance with the Property Search Specifications signed by the two represented parties.


  • He analyses, sorts and selects advertisements from real estate agencies and private individuals.
  • He conducts a pre-selection of properties and writes detailed visiting reports.
  • He arranges property visits at the convenience of the client.
  • He assists the client through the negociation process and till the final sale or lease agreement.

What is a buyer’s agent ?

In France, we are usually called "chasseur immobilier"(real estate hunters) or ‘chasseur d’appartement’ (home hunters) but we believe that this is a restrictive designation and we prefer to be referred to as real estate buyer’s agents.

Indeed, we can provide the client with a wider range of services : negociating a home loan, guiding him through all the transaction process, organising the move in… We can do so much more than what a real estate hunter or home hunter does !

What is a relocation agent ?

A relocation agent is like a real estate buyer’s agent except for the fact that he only handles property rental. It’s just a matter of labeling : real estate buyer’s agents deal with property purchase while relocation agents focus on property rental.

What’s the difference with a real estate agency ?

A real estate buyer’s agent doesn’t sell or own any properties. He works independently and prospect the whole real estate market studying offers from both professionals and private individuals. He provides unbiased counseling and tailor-made assistance.

What about the legislation ?

Real estate buyer’s agents must abide to Law n°70-9 of January 2nd 1970, known as the Hoguet Law. He must hold a professional license called : ‘carte T’ which is to be renewed annually at the local Prefecture. Real estate buyer’s agents must be qualified, experimented, fully bonded and insured.

What is a property search agreement ?

It is a property search agreement between the ‘mandant’ (Principal) and the ‘mandataire’ (Agent).

This contract specifies the criteria, the cost and the duration of the mission.

There is a 7-day retract policy once the principal has signed the property search agreement.

What are the fees ?

Our fees cost less than the money you’ll be saving by entrusting our agents to negociate the property selling price. Our fees will be highly paid off by the time and energy you will be saving on your property search.

Any further questions ?

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