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Property hunting fees

A renewable 3-month property search agreement is issued.

Our agents  only work on 3 projects at a time so that they can dedicate 30% of their time to your property search.

Our agents are all fully licensed and registered.


Our fees


We only charge fees if the real estate transaction is successful.


There are no registration fees.


Our fees are only due once the sale has been finalised and certified at a notary (French solicitor).

   Value of the property                  

   Fees VAT Incl.  

   Property < €200,000 


   €200,000  < property < €300,000


   €300,000 < property < €400,000


   €400,000 < property < €500,000


   -0.1% per €100,000 value level


Our fees cost less than the money you’ll be saving by entrusting our agents to negociate the property selling price.